Useful Knitting Tips

Tips I can vouch for:

  • What to do with that last fiddly stitch when binding off. when knitting flat.
  • Cat Bordhi demoing Judi’s Magic Cast On 
  • Knitting backwards – without twisting your stitches. I just don’t see the benefit if I have to remember to knit thru the back loop on the right side.  
  • Knitting in the round “Close the Gap”
  • The Yarn Harlot’s (Stephanie Pearl McPhee) technique for tightening a baggy neckline .  
  • New sock heel everyone is raving about – the Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Sox Therapist. In my opinion, this is the best $1 you’ll ever spend if you knit socks.  
  • Weaving (knitting) in ends as you go
    • Version 1: video from Carol Feller/Stolen Stitches.  Continental technique starts at about 2:10.
    • Version 2: video demo from Staci Perry/VeryPink Knits.  Staci doesn’t show a continental version.
  • Fix a multi-row hole in knitting tutorial from Patty Lyon.

I haven’t tried these but want to share them anyhow:

  • More complicated knitting backwards demo which has multiple stitch types
  • Patty Lyon’s Seaming a set in sleeve.  This has been recommended by several Yarniacs.  
  • Fixing German Short Rows video by Roxeanne Richardson.
  • Swatch for knitting in the round. This technique doesn’t end result in long floats in the back.
  • Brilliant idea for trying on a top down sweater while it’s still on the needles. If you’re using interchangeable needles, use your cable connector to add a second cable. Once you’ve tried it on, slide stitches back to access the connector, remove the second cable and reattach the needle. Now to remember this.

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