Trying to Declutter

So much for blogging a couple times a month.  I’ve been busy but not really too busy. I’m just not making it a priority.

Quick making recap:

Clockwise from top left: Tiny Tot hat and French Macaroon pullover.  Rolled brim hat with eyelash trim.  Blueprint pullover. Worsted Boxy

Since my last post, I’ve:

  • Sewn 2 more Mandy Boat Tees.
  • Sewn 2 more Simple Summer Pleated Skirts.
  • Finished knitting my Quetzel Green Blueprint Sweater.
  • Knit a Worsted Boxy with some scrumptious Miss Babs Yowza in a gorgeous greyish blue-purple that’s almost impossible to photograph.  It’s a 3/4 sleeve sweater.  I also made two wristlets from the leftover yarn so I can have faux long sleeves when I need them.  Sure wish I’d used the same ribbing on the wristlets.  Oh well… 
  • Knit gifts for my two great-nieces, a sweater and hat for 7-month old Lilly and a hat for Autumn.
  • Finally finished sewing about 10 project bags that were laying around. 
  • Made two small pouches for frequent buyer / gift cards.  Neither one is exactly what I want.  I think I’m going to mash up the two patterns, make a few tweaks and try again. 

I’m the moderator in the Yarniacs Ravelry group.  The community is so supportive.  The group has two 3-month knit alongs each year; the Self-indulgent KAL which runs from the winter solstice to the spring equinox and the Colors of Fall KAL (COFKAL) goes from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox. 

To help encourage people to finish up projects that they haven’t finished, I’m hosting a WIP KAL that starts the day after the COFKAL and runs to the end of the year.  There are prizes!  Any project started before the KAL starts that you finish or frog can be entered for prizes.  The community support has helped me make some tough decisions.  I knew I was going to frog a sweater project but I also frogged the start of two different socks and three shawls. 

It feels great!  I have 4 projects on the needles right now

  1. Another Boxy using Berroco Mixer in the Inferno colorway.  It’s a black thick and thin yarn.  I LOVE JOJI LOCATELLI.  She’s an amazing designer!  I’m trying to finish it for our jazz cruise in mid-January!  Fingers crossed! 
  2. Elton, a striped cardigan also designed by Joji Locatelli.  It’s on hold while I work on the Boxy.
  3. Socks.  Fun pink, green, black and white yarn with pink contrasting cuffs, heels and toes.  I’m using the Hermione’s Everyday sock pattern for the leg/foot and my favorite Fishlips Kiss heel.  I think I’ll finish these before the end of the year.  (I’m almost done with the second sock; the photo below is not a current one.)
  4. I just started a Memory Blanket that I’ll use to knit up fingering weight scraps.  It’s going to be a multi-year project.  


I’m a bit of a pack rat when it comes to crafting stuff.  I’ve got to get real and get rid of things I don”t / won’t use.  Thanks to a dear friend, Cindy, I read “Decluttering at the Speed of Life” by Dana K. White, who also blogs as A Slob Comes Clean.

Dana’s approach to decluttering makes much more sense to me than other books I’ve read.  I’m slowly making progress in the two rooms I use for crafting.  I took a banker’s box of yarn and project bags to a Sunday Crafternoon.  The ones that didn’t get taken and two more boxes of crafting things (fabric, books, yarn and more) went to my new crafting hang-out space, The Craft House, because they’re collecting for a One Heart Jax (FB link). 

I’m also slowly getting rid of clothes I’m not wearing and don’t see wearing again.

I made quite a bit of progress in November and then stalled out. Need to get back in to it. #thestruggleisreal We’ve got company coming in mid-January and the sewing room has to be guest-ready. Wish me luck!

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