I’m not knitting!

Last Wednesday I did a very klutzy thing and fell at the hair salon. My cut and color was done and the chemicals washed out of my hair. Good thing that the latter was done because I really, really hurt myself. 

I fractured my left patella and right humorous and both required surgery. I’m lucky that my head didn’t take the impact instead of my shoulder. That would have been much worse. 

I came home Saturday after we sorted out the wheelchair and rebooked the transport vehicle. Joe freaked out when we realized that they didn’t deliver the leg extension for the wheelchair. 

Our fridge was close to empty because we’re were leaving for The Keys on Thursday.  It’s now overflowing thanks to some amazing friends. 

I should be able to knit but … I’d have to get Joe to wind yarn into a cake and find and then measure needles (after finding a needle gauge) so I get “the right size”. Not a good idea right now. He’s already overwhelmed with all the things he has to do. It would be selfish to ask for this help. 

So, I’m not knitting, and that’s just fine.  

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