I’m a lucky so-and-so!!

I got a Ravelry message from someone who read my last blog post. It made me realize that I need to continue to share my journey to recovery even if no one else reads it. 

Joe braved my very cluttered office last Friday to get some of my knitting WIPs. I kept two of them and asked him to put the others back. I’ve done a little knitting  on one WIP since then but not much. But knowing I can knit a bit makes me happy even when I skip a day or two. 

Joe is a huge jazz fan. Last Friday night the Beaches Fine Art Series had a free concert at UNF. The Jason Marsalis Vibes Quartet was performing. Jason is an amazing vibes player and drummer. He’s the youngest in the very talented Marsalis family. Two very dear friend came over for pizza, wine (I had iced tea), girl talk and laughs. It gave Joe and me a much needed break from all this enforced togetherness. I’m so lucky to have such wonderful friends. They’ve offered to come over and help host a knit night so I can see my knitting friends (and not make more work for Joe).  

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