My idea of a holiday weekend

Some people want to go to the beach, others have family barbecues. We do it a bit different. Saturday, went to the Jacksonville Jazz Festival.  The day was cut short because of threatening rain. Yesterday, we saw Tomorrowland. We both enjoyed it. It wasn’t an Oscar-winner but definitely was entertaining. (clearly, I’m not a film critic, no elaborate post on the movie from me!)  After the movie we wnt to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner, Picasso’s.  We’ve never had a bad meal there. 

I’ve also had lots of knitting time (a critical part of any good weekend)

  • I made good progress on my newest pair of socks.  I’m about 3 inches into the foot of the first sock. I really do zoom on my 9-inch circular. 
  • Finished my Moon River Socks 



Now, back to that cowl. There’s more to knit when it’s done. 😀