Rebooting my blog!

It’s been over 2 years since I’ve posted.  It was awkward to post from my iPad or phone when I was injured and I never built the habit of posting regularly.  I’m going to post every week or two or I’m going to shut it down. Time will tell which way I go.

I’ve recovered completely from my broken bones thanks to my husband ‘s support and a wonderful therapy team.   I’m very lucky that I had good health insurance and we were financially in a position to cover the costs not covered by it.  Even before the accident, I supported health care / health insurance reform.  My support is stronger now than before.  I cannot imagine how this would have impacted us if we didn’t have decent insurance.

I started sewing garments again.  My early attempts were a dismal failure…. I’ve learned that a woven t-shirt just isn’t going to work for me.  This derailed my enthusiasm for a few months.  Since then, I’ve joined Weight Watchers and have lost weight.  I needed some summer clothes that fit and would be easy to alter a bit as I lose more weight.  I love wearing skirts when it’s hot.  Somehow I found the So Sew Easy’s Simple Summer Pleated Skirt pattern and decided to try it.  I pulled some quilting cotton from stash to make a skirt for the Zombie Knitpocalpyse Knitting Retreat.  Finally!  A sewing success!  Since then, I’ve made two more from stashed fabric.  I anticipate making even more when these get too big.

55AD8C19-9EEE-4623-A450-D390A4DC67D8_medium2Knitting is still my #1 passion.  I’ve knit several sweaters in the last couple years and try to have one going at all times.  I’m currently knitting Light Trails by Suvi Simola in a lovely light blue yarn, Miss Babs Yummy 2-Ply in the Faded colorway.  I’ve just started the first sleeve and hope to have it finished by the end of July.





It’s been so much fun to see how this knits up.

I try to have a simple knitting project going at all times.  Right now it’s a pair of vanilla socks using a hand-dyed sock blank that I bought from Gayle’s Art.  It’s so much fun to knit with this sock blank.  I’m using my go-to heel construction, the SoxTherapist’s Fish Lips Kiss Heel.  Thanks to some tips from PattyJoy, I’ve made a few tweaks to the sock and it’s fitting much better.  I can’t wait for her to release her newest sock pattern so I can use her secret sauce to get even a better fit.




My last pair of socks weren’t quite that simple. But… OMG!  I loved knitting them and want to make more pairs.  Yarn: Mint Rain Self-Striping Twist Sock; colorway: Make Me Smile