Upping the Game

I’ve been knitting just over 4 years.  It’s become an obsession.  I love the feel of yarn flowing thru my fingers as I create a fabric.

A couple years ago, I went to Stitches South and took Margaret Fisher‘s “7 Things that can ‘make or break’ a sweater” class.  When going thru her bio, she mentioned that she was a Master Knitter.  Her sample garments were exquisite. Couture hand knits, not “home made”.

Last year I started listening to the “Mastering the Knits” podcast.  Natalie and Alicia discuss their Master Knitter journey.  At the Zombie Knitpacolypse this past June, I met Jennifer (aka Daizie) who is also in the program.  Jennifer recently passed Level 1!  YAY!!!

A couple months ago, I knit my first sweater for me, Boxy by Joji Locatelli.  It’s simple, over-sized and I love it.  IMG_7044

While knitting this, I had to attempt a few new techniques and struggled with some of them.   I want to make sweaters that look that good and fit me well.    If I’m going to do this, I need to up my game.

So… I decided a couple months ago to start on my master knitter journey. Before signing up, I thought it would be a ‘piece of cake’.  HA!!!  It’s going to require discipline and practice.  But… I know the journey will be worth it.  My first attempt (of many, I’m sure) at swatch 1.


My idea of a holiday weekend

Some people want to go to the beach, others have family barbecues. We do it a bit different. Saturday, went to the Jacksonville Jazz Festival.  The day was cut short because of threatening rain. Yesterday, we saw Tomorrowland. We both enjoyed it. It wasn’t an Oscar-winner but definitely was entertaining. (clearly, I’m not a film critic, no elaborate post on the movie from me!)  After the movie we wnt to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner, Picasso’s.  We’ve never had a bad meal there. 

I’ve also had lots of knitting time (a critical part of any good weekend)

  • I made good progress on my newest pair of socks.  I’m about 3 inches into the foot of the first sock. I really do zoom on my 9-inch circular. 
  • Finished my Moon River Socks 



Now, back to that cowl. There’s more to knit when it’s done. 😀

An easy alternative to the Kitchener Stitch (no tapestry needle required)

I just found this great alternative to the Kitchener stitch.  It’s really the same thing but you use a third needle instead of a tapestry needle – TECHknitter’s knitted graft stitch. 

I wish I’d heard about this 2 weeks ago when I was on a day trip with friends and didn’t have (actually had but couldn’t find) a tapestry needle.

Starting the new year – creating what I want to create all year

Some people believe you should spend the 1st day of a new year doing those things you want to have in your life all year.  For me, that will be casting on a new knitting project.  I’m using stash yarn that’s very yummy and knitting Stucco by Rose Beck.  I hope that all goes well in case the belief is true so my knitting goes smoothly this year.

Last year, my first yarn/pattern combination was a major fail.  The yarn was too fine for the pattern and needle combination.  I also had trouble following the lace pattern.  In 2013, I had one other knitting oops – my Monkey Socks, pattern by Cookie A, is still in time out.

So, here’s to a new year and new (and hopefully successful) knitting adventures!

Also, check out my tips page – I just added a new video on knitting backwards.

Taking the leap! Will anyone care?

Wow!  This is harder than I imagined.  Writing something that others might actually see.  Oh, well . . . here goes.

I’ve learned so much in the 2 years since I took my 1st knitting lesson.  So much of what I’ve learned has come from blog posts and audio and video podcasts.  I feel it’s time to give back / share with others.  Or… if no one ever reads it, it’s just a place to organize my thoughts and the knitting tips I’ve found.

I’ll be trying to organize the tips I’ve found on Ravelry, the podcasts and blogs that I follow and my favorite knitting-related vendors.  I’ll share what I’m working on, the patterns I’m thinking about knitting and more.

I hope you bear with me while I sort thru this.

Thanks for reading!  Be back soon!